website: misticpets
color+species: toxic anya [click here to view misticpets pet list]
gender: female
created: may 17, 2010

Despite her name, Tarot never had any interest in tarot cards or any of that mystical gypsy stuff. She spent all her time in swanky expressionist nightclubs with dark lights, bright colors and loud music, happy with hanging out with her groups and occasionally lending a paw of mischief. Still, whenever someone new learned her name they would always ask her if she could tell their future or answer some question about their love life. It got very old, so finally one night she got curious and peeked around through a tarot deck and found that not only was it fascinating stuff, but after a bit of practice she was also quite good at doing it. Now, when her friends or new clubbers ask her, she enjoys showing off her special deck and pawing through their fortunes for them while they laugh and talk all night long. "All in good fun" is what drives her every day.